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Shen Yun in Bay Area
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Shen Yun Reviews - 2010

Produced by New Tang Dynasty TV
Shen Yun Feedback from Los Angeles
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, The Music Center - Feb 5 - 14, 2010

"Between 1 and 10, it's a 10. It's excellent and top notch. It's very well done. I loved it."
— Mardi Rustam, producer and director, founder of the movie company Mars Productions

"I don't see them (the dancers) as just regular human beings. They kind of leap off the stage with a certain, a very special quality that almost made them god-like."
— Steve Rubin, executive director, founder of Fast Carrier Pictures

"I just thought that the performance was brilliantly designed and I just feel like a better person, a better human being, because it speaks not only to my intellect but it speaks to my heart."
— Omega Medina, former senior manager of classical music for the Grammy Awards

"I was totally immersed in another culture, and I didn't have to fly for 16 hours to get to China—it was right here."
— Rex Smith, an actor and singer. He was popular as a teen idol during the late 1970s. His You Take My Breath Away reached #10 on the Billboard Hot 100."

"I am impressed by the colorful costumes, beautiful music, [and] professional production. It's a very elaborate show, world class production, on a grand scale."
— Tim Goldberg, executive producer, owner of Ocean Park Pictures

"I really liked the history part of the show, how it all comes together and it's been going on for centuries and it's still the same and still exciting and still very nice."
— Burt Dalton, co-winner of 2009 Academy Award in the category of Best Achievement in Visual Effects for the 2008 film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

"The show gave me a familiar feeling of intimacy, which made me feel like I was back at home. I am just so lost in the beauty of it."
— Bai Ling, Chinese-born American actress who starred in Red Corner with Richard Gere

"Not very often in the United States do we have a show that is simply beautiful—only beautiful! It's so refreshing to have such good taste—and so professional—serenity, energy, but mainly beauty."
— Donald Neuen, professor of choral conducting and choral studies at UCLA

"This is very unique; it has its own style. I think it makes me appreciate the culture more and also the depth of the culture."
— Gregory Marquette, who wrote and hosted "Jazz Radio Canada" for CBC
Television/Radio networks. His Polaris Entertainment Corporation has produced many award-winning television and film productions.

"Very bright and primary, it's hard to look away, they're so captivating."
— Tim Kirk, former design director for Walt Disney Imagineering, and overall senior designer for the $3 billion Tokyo DisneySea. He was awarded the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist five times.

"The orchestra is a big reason why I came to this show. I love real instruments, it's beautiful. I'm enjoying the entire performance very much."
— Doug Davey, who won five Emmy Awards in Outstanding Sound Mixing for a DramaSeries.

"The tradition, excitement, the beauty, the harmony, the discipline, the colors—everything is there. We've traveled all around the world and in China, and I would say this is one of the best shows that we ever saw."
— Robert and Denise Zeilstra, entrepreneur and philanthropists

"I think it's very Chinese, but I think it's very universal at the same time. Like any kind of folktale, you see the culture and you see the uniqueness of that culture. But you also get these bigger, more universal themes that resonate with you no matter where you are from. So, I enjoyed it, quite a bit. I continue to enjoy it."
— Terry Balagia, CEO of Snowball Media, former SVP/Director of Creative Marketing, Fox Broadcasting Network, Los Angeles

"It's a very good show. It's very mellow."
— Peter Aries, animation producer.

"The energy and flow of the show were beautiful. We really enjoyed it. The stories are very rich and you kind of get a peek into [traditional] Chinese culture through the stories."
— Kathy Giaconia, senior Supervising Producer at CBS Paramount Dr. Phil Show

"I think the art form is beautiful... they're very precise, very committed and dedicated, and that comes through."
— Robert Breech, TV producer, who worked for many years alongside TV producer David Kelley for shows such as L.A. Law, Picket Fences and shared multiple Emmy Awards.

"It's very impressive. I didn't know what to expect exactly, so it's a pleasant, very pleasant surprise. I'm much happier."
— Michael Haas, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Hawaii and 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

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